SIAYZU RAIOCEU Smooth Baked Oil Hair Mask Repair Damaged Hair Oil Control Hair Mask

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SIAYZU RAIOCEU Smooth Baked Oil Hair Mask Repair Damaged Hair Oil Control Hair Mask

  • Treatment Feature: Repair damaged 
  • Hair Function: Make hair soft and smooth

Contains ginger root extract, macadamia nut seed oil, polygonum multi florum root extract, ginseng root extract and other ingredients to moisturize the hair and make the hair smooth and beautiful hair is soft, full and elastic

1.Oil control, comprehensive and effective treating the scalp, balancing oil secretion, to reduce and prevent head oil, scalp itching, and etc. Deep cleansing hair and scalp, help you get back fresh and comfortable hair.
2. Dandruff control,  Enhancing hair follicle immunity, inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria, regulating cell microcirculation, and improving metabolism. To effectively inhibit the production of dandruff, nourish the hair, make the hair smooth and bright.
3, Nutritional moisture, Moisturizing hair and hair follicles, restore scalp metabolism balance, make the hair supple from the inside to the outside.
4, Bright and supple, Promote scalp microcirculation, relieve tension scalp, so that the recovery of weak acid PH state. Make hair bright and supple, healthy growth.
5, Deep care, and natural hair care ingredients, instantaneous infiltration, from the inside out of two-way care damage hair, make hair a new look.

1. Wash hair with shampoo.  
2. Dry the water with towel,( no need dry with dryer )
Apply hair mask on hair , don't touch scalp, constantly massage hair for 2-5 minutes
3.  Finally, rinse hair completely