About Us

BeautyGirl — your one-stop online shop for all the make products you want!

Do you want to make a difference? Beauty girl is where you will find all products in a single beauty shop! If you are in love with genuine cosmetics, try the reliable brands we are dealing with, where we bring a range of brands for every skin type and skin tone.

Not even that, we are easing your busy life by offering daily appliances for your home and kitchen use. You can also upgrade your wardrobe with our abayas, hijabs, and clothes. Beauty girl is a place for the world’s and Pakistan’s top-class brands which never go out of stock.

We offer the best cosmetics products at the best price with fast delivery all over Pakistan!

Just a few years ago, having access to high-end cosmetics brands, clothes, and appliances at your fingertips seemed like a dream. But not any longer! We are forever changing the typical habit of going to stores. Now you can get ready, buy cosmetics and clothes online, and steal the show! We understand what it’s like to be a makeup lover. So we’ve brought makeup online to cater to your inner beauty Diva or Miss Universe.

Buy appliances for your home and kitchen to save your time.

BeautyGirl takes immense pride in being one of Pakistan’s trusted online beauty shopping websites. We are just a click away to provide the valued customers with a hassle-free shopping experience and the best quality cosmetics products right at your doorsteps!

Beautygirl emerged in 2018; since then, we have been committed to building an ultimate one-stop shop for women across Pakistan. Promising 100% Original and Authentic branded products and an experience to last for longer.

Today, after striving for many years, we have built a robust online presence in Pakistan. Including our potential client’s trust by satisfying them with our authentic products, customer services, and marketing innovation.

We are committed to emerging as Pakistan’s finest online beauty shopping website and leading the industry in years to come. Our purpose at BeautyGirl is to create an unmatched beauty shopping, clothing, home, and kitchen essentials experience and inspire individuality in our community. Furthermore, through our continued expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, BeautyGirl encourages customers to explore the universe of beauty with an absolute, unbiased & impartial approach.

We make it simple to buy makeup online — we’re just a click away! Since 2018 Beautygirl has become a well-known retail beauty brand for all the beauties out there!


We at Beautygirl have no loyalties to any brand. Our loyalties lie only with you, our customers, and we go to great lengths to cater to your wishes by not only providing around-the-clock customer support and identifying what is right for you and only you. With constant promotional offers and deals that can not be matched, Beautygirl is the best choice for all your cosmetic needs. So how can you determine which product is best for you? Where can you find all the leading names in cosmetics? Where can you find the best prices with a short delivery time? The answer to all these questions is simply “Beautygirl.”


We at Beautygirl are bringing international brands to the local market and making it accessible to our beauty queens. We aim to bring the best international cosmetic products to Pakistan, but we want to deliver them to you at your doorstep. Our goal is to provide the people of Pakistan with the highest quality at the lowest prices. Unlike the products of many local distributors, our cosmetics are of the highest quality and 100% original and authentic. Our mission is to revolutionize the cosmetic industry by providing unmatched products at unbeatable prices and, most importantly, spread awareness about cosmetics and encourage their proper selection and use so that the unmistakable beauty that shines in this country can shine even brighter than ever before.