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Nails Make-Up Prices In Pakistan

There are a lot of women who love to flaunt their nails with their favourite nail colour. It is their habit to match the colour of their nail polish with their outfit. Applying nail polish is a part of their personality. The nail colour they apply tells us a lot about their personality. Most women use nail art to express themselves.

You certainly want to buy good quality nail polish if you are one of those women who love to spruce up your nails with good nail colour.

Buy Nail Make-Up Products From

Are you looking for nail make-up prices in Pakistan? You can check out the nail polishes available on We have a vast collection of nail colours. You can buy different colours and revamp your nail polish collection. You can match a nail colour with every outfit in your wardrobe.

Spruce Up Your Nails With Stunning Nail Polish The Make-Up

Stunning and attractive nails look amazing and add to your beauty. It shows that you care about your grooming. You can show your fashion sense to everyone around you.

Stand Out With The Amazing Nails Makeup Colours In Pakistan

We have a plethora of nail colours available. You can check out the amazing Nails colours of your choices, along with a perfect manicure kit and cuticle serum to get manicure done at home. is a one-stop shop for your nails makeover. No matter what colour is in your mind, we have it on our website for you.

How To Apply Nail Polish Perfectly

Every product for your nails is available on at affordable prices. Buy the required essentials that are a manicure kit or polygel nail kit for a manicure, nail paints of your choice, nail paints remover, and nail buffer. Now you know all the required essentials for your nail art, DIY. let us move on to the steps on how to put on nail polish and you can achieve that perfect glossy nail.

Step 1: Prep Your Nails

Just like you prep your face before putting on makeup, it is equally crucial to prep your nails before applying nail polish.

Make sure your nails are clean and clear before applying any nail paint. Use the nail polish remover and gently remove the pigment. Gently remove the nail paints or else doing it vigorously can damage the health of your nails.

Trim your cuticle or simply remove it with cuticle lotion or push back any excess cuticle with the help of cuticle trimmers. 

Dry your nails and cut your nails to desired length or size to prevent nail breaking and chipping. Retake some nail polish remover on a cotton ball and wipe your nails to clean and prep them for nail painting.

Step 2: The Base Coat

We’re all intimidated by applying a thick base coat to our nails in order to make them seem nice. The base coat is the next step in the application of nail polish. Applying a thick first layer will just extend the time to dry.

A base coat can also help your nail polish stand out. As a result, a white base coat is recommended to improve the appearance of your pigment. Apply thin coats instead of thick ones because they will dry faster.

Step 3: Just Three Strokes Are Enough

The third step of our how to apply nail polish guide brings us the amount of how much nail polish should be used. Technically, just three strokes are all you need.

Nail artists recommend it is best if you only use three coats to paint your nails. 

Dip your nail paintbrush into the polish, place it as a dot on your nails. Strike it once on the left, then once on the right, and finally once in the centre to spread it out.

The nail polish spreads well without being sticky or gloppy, and the result will be surprising for you.

Step 4: Additional Coats

Additional coats may appear to be rich, but they are not always required. Two to three coats should be enough, but if you’re using a lighter colour nail polish, you may need a few more applications to achieve the required colour. However, to ensure that your nail paint coat dries quickly and does not smear, keep it thin and light. Allow your previous coat to dry before applying the new one to avoid dents and bumps.

Step 5: The Top Coat

Another important skill is knowing how to apply nail polish and make it shine. If you use a clear topcoat on top of your nail polish, it will last longer. If your nail polish is slipping off or flaking too quickly, try using a topcoat to keep it on your nails for longer.

Also, don’t forget to apply the tip, which will seal everything in and help your nails look more beautiful for a long.

Step 6: Clean the edges

After you’ve finished painting your nails, wipe the edges with a Q-Tip for a more glossy and mess-free look. Using a Q-Tip dipped in nail polish remover, carefully swab the sides. When cleaning the nail paints from your edges, be careful not to bring your Q-Tip too close to your nails, as it may remove the nail paint from your nails. So, while doing this, be precise and clean.