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If You Don’t Know These Lipstick Hacks, You’re Missing Out!

-Let lips speak for you!

You are good to go even without makeup if you are wearing bright smooth texture lip colour. Or simply wear a little mascara, as we all know a bit of mascara won’t hurt! And apply evenly to smooth your skin, a good quality concealer. 

As we all know, now and then we are introduced to unique trends of wearing lipstick and with some new lip colours. Thanks to the creative minds living around the world who try new ways of wearing lipstick. Which looks so attractive and catches the attention of people around. 

The Steps to Achieve the Sexy Lip Stains while using products

Natural glam has dominated beauty for the past few years, so we believe in it too. Considering that we at, brought a range of lipsticks, lip gloss, matte lipsticks, lip pencils, lip concealers, lip tints, etc., from different brands to give you variety, at the one-stop-lip shop. 

Bright lipsticks go perfect with fully blended and no makeup or zero makeup looks. Then the lips will be the only focus. One of the most popular lip looks for a nude makeup look is a just-bitten lip tint or stain, which is actually super easy to fake using a liquid lipstick like our Huda Beauty liquid matte lipstick, Heng Feng mani lipsticks, etc. Plus it lasts a lot longer than traditional lip stains. 

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to sexy stain your lips

Step 1: Apply a small amount of liquid lipstick to the centre of your lips, then press your lips together.

Step 2: Smudge the lipstick across your lips using your finger.

Step 3: Re-apply the lipstick to the centre of your lips and blot your lips with your finger.

Step 4: To finish, dab a cream highlighter along your Cupid’s bow and the centre of your bottom lip.

The lip lining hack is really simple and strongly matches the recent Botox trend, which includes injecting Botox into your upper lip to elevate it and close the space between it and your nose, giving the appearance of a lifted fuller pout.

The step-by-step technique for applying lipsticks: products from

Step 1: Overline the centre of your lips for fuller-looking lips, use a nude-for-you lip liner with cupid’s bow to make perfect smudgy line rather than harsh, edgy line.

Step 2: Overline the centre of the bottom lip line for a lifting effect, then extend the liner upwards, towards the outside corners of the mouth, moving the liner within the lip line.

Step 3: Softly diffuse and blend the lip liner from the corners towards the centre of your lip.

Step 4: Fill in your lips using a lipstick of your choice.

Pro Tip:
To give your lips the most lift, put a dab of foundation or concealer on a broad brush, then tidy up the lower lip’s edges so the liner is extremely sharp. Set the concealer with translucent powder for long-lasting wear.

How To Line Your Lips In Seconds

When you don’t have time for precision, this hack is great. Although the procedure appears to be a little goofy, the end result of flawless lipstick with no smudging is quite worth it.

Step 1: Close or Press your lips tightly together, so you’re left with only your toughened outer lip line on display.

Step 2: Apply your lip liner while your lips are still pressed together.

Step 3: Apply your lipstick once again, while your lips are still pressed together.

Step 4: Relax your lips and you’ll have flawlessly applied, evenly lined lipstick.