What is beautygirl?

An online store dealing with cosmetics products from all the leading brands, offering competitive prices, a wide range of products and efficient after-sales service and convenient customer support through its online shopping platform.Beautygirl aimed to revolutionize how cosmetics are perceived by providing detailed and information on each and every product we offer in order to make it easier for our customers to identify items that meet their specific needs.

Why Beautygirl

We at Beautygirl have no loyalties to any brand, our loyalties lie only with you, our customers, and we go to greath lengths to cater for your wishes by not only providing around the clock customer support but by identifying what is right for you and only you. With constant promotional offers and deals that can not be matched, Beautygirl is the best choice for all your cosmetic needs. How can you determine which product is best for you? Where can you find all the leading names in cosmetics? Where can you find the best prices with a short delivery time? The answer to all these questions is simply “Beautygirl”


We at Beautygirl want to make International… National. Not only do we aim to bring the best international cosmetic products to Pakistan but we want to deliver them to you at your doorstep. It is our goal to provide the people of Pakistan with the highest quality at the lowest prices. Unlike the products of many local distributors, our cosmetics are of the highest quality and one hundred percent original. It is our mission to revolutionise the cosmetic industry by providing unmatched products at unbeatable prices and most importantly spread awareness about cosmetics and encourage their proper selection and use so that the unmistakable beauty that shines in this country can shine even more brighter than ever before.